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Banned “flavours” from flavored electric cigarettes Tech 

Banned “flavours” from flavored electric cigarettes

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering immediate bans on flavored liquid cigarettes, whose Director-General said that this type of e-cigarette is a real “epidemic” among young people.

The authority sent out more than 1,100 warning letters and imposed 131 fines this summer for retailers who illegally sold JUUL and other electrical e-cigarettes to minors.

The largest volume of FDA’s history so far has expanded to nationwide shops and online stores. In Wednesday’s announcement, the authorities have said that in the future, even more stricter action will have to be taken.

“We see clear signs that the use of electric cigarettes has taken epidemic proportions among young people,” Scott Gottlieb, Director General of FDA, said. He added: “We focus primarily on electric cigarettes containing flavored liquids. We are serious about taking these flavored products out of the market immediately.”

Gottlieb, referring to the information of an early report, emphasized that “the use of e-cigars for young people is growing very sharply”.

According to The Washington Post, the preliminary data cited by the Director-General come from the National Youth Tobacco Survey survey, which shows that the level of electromoscope use among American high school students increased by 75 percent in 2018 compared to 2017.

Following the FDA’s decision in the United States since 2016, it is forbidden to sell electric cigarettes to minors, ie below the age of 18. In some states the age limit is 21 years.

“Based on our experience with cigarettes and other products, we may say that it is important to limit sales to children, but when we make a product that is attractive to them and advertise it in an attractive manner, we can be sure that the kids will come “said Matthew Myers, head of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids organization.

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