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All synthetic modifiers in Belgium have been banned          Big World 

All synthetic modifiers in Belgium have been banned       

A recent royal decree prohibited the distribution, possession and use of any synthetic consciousness modifier in Belgium, Belgian newspaper La Libre Belgique said on Thursday.

As stated, the decision imposes a general ban on all synthetic drugs. Under the new law, any possession and dissemination of such drugs may be penalized.
The Belgian Federal Department of Narcotic Drugs has been informed that in most cases the use of synthetic drugs from Chinese laboratories is far below the use of naturally-based drugs.
For natural-based agents, synthetic materials have a much stronger effect and are therefore more dangerous. Using drugs from synthetic materials, alongside the changed state of consciousness, can often cause panic attacks, arrhythmias and many deaths, as demonstrated by a number of Belgian examples, he adds.
According to the European Union Drugs Agency (EMCDDA) in June, the consumption of cannabis has been declining among young adults in recent years, but the use of ecstasy, cocaine and amphetamines has been growing steadily since 2007, as new synthetic psychoactive substances are increasingly widespread.
The agency noted that the availability of heroin significantly decreased after 2010, but other opioids are beginning to dominate drug-related deaths. In 2015, according to toxicological findings, opiates contributed to about half of all deaths, which were commonly found with other psychoactive substances in the body of the deceased.

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