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Before the court, the detained members of the banned British Newnan group United Kingdom 

Before the court, the detained members of the banned British Newnan group

 A member of the National Action group called the National Action, which was arrested last week on suspicion of the preparation of terrorist acts, was on trial on Tuesday.

    Nathan Pryke, Adam Thomas, Claudia Patatas, Darren Fletcher, Daniel Bogunovic and Joel Wilmore unanimously refused the charges at the first court hearing at the Westminster district in London and all said they would be innocent in criminal proceedings.
    The magistrates’ court sent the case to Old Bailey, the London Central Criminal Court, after becoming street-name on the street.
    The criminal trial begins on 19 January.
    Of the accused, the five men are British citizens. Claudia Patatas – a partner of Adam Thomas – told a Portuguese citizen at the magistrates’ court.
    The six defendants were captured in a large-scale, scheduled action last Wednesday. Simultaneous raids were carried out by armed police units in Cambridge, Banbury, Wolverhampton, Leicester and Stockport.
    The detainees are aged from 21 to 37 years.
    The authorities suspect that each of them was a member of the National Action banned by Nazi ideas in December 2016 and was detained under the Anti-Terror Act of 2000.
    The official information did not reveal exactly what kind of terrorist act was made, but according to the law, their membership in the banned group could be forcibly imprisoned for ten years.
    National Action describes itself as a “national socialist youth organization”. The II. Since World War I, this is the first Newnan organization that the British authorities have banned.
    Amber Rudd, Minister of the Interior, in his decision to ban this year, called the organization in 2013 a racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic grouping. In the then parliament’s speech, he stated that the group’s aim is to hate hate and to glorify violence, and such things “have no place in Britain”.
    Since the National Action was banned, last week’s raid was the first detention wave. Last September, four people were arrested with the suspicion of making terrorist acts as members of the group.
    All those suspects were British Army soldiers, and they were detained at the time by the British Ministry of Defense.
    One of the National Action members who have been tried on Tuesday, Joel Wilmore is a former British Army reserve.
    One of the direct antecedents of the National Action banning was that the organization celebrated the assassination of Jo Cox Labor Party MP and the perpetrator of the assassination.
    The two-year-old, 41-year-old MPs of the UK’s largest opposition party in parliament, with a shotgun of up to one week before the referendum on British membership in the EU on June 16, 2016, shot dead with three shots and dozens of knock-kicks, a lone assassin, Thomas Mair, They sentenced.
    According to the judgment, Mair committed a political assassination, and his actions were motivated by violent ideals of racial, ornamental, white supremacy.

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