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David Copperfield replied before the court, revealing a trick United States Of America 

David Copperfield replied before the court, revealing a trick

On Tuesday, a Las Vegas court filed a lawsuit against David Copperfield, a British tourist charged because he was injured as a volunteer in his illusionist stunt.

The 57-year-old Gavin Cox launched a civil lawsuit against the world famous magician in 2013, charging him with negligence and claiming damages. The British man claimed to have participated in MGM Grand Hotel in November 2013 in a famous trick of Copperfield, where 13 volunteers from the stage were screened at the end of the hall from the other part of the room. But Cox dropped behind the scenes in the track, his shoulders and head were damaged and his medical treatment cost about 400,000 dollars.

For the cause, Copperfield had to conceal how he did the trick: the cage-locked and clogged contributors helped him out in the dark through blind curtains, through narrow passageways into the hotel’s kitchen, and then from the end of the show to the theater hall.


In Copperfield’s defense, he claimed that 55,000 volunteers had been involved in the trick over the years, but no one was injured. Cox claimed he was stumbling across construction scraps behind the scenes. The illusionist, on the other hand, admitted that he had walked the route beforehand and was barrier-free. Copperfield said that since 2015, Lucky 13 has not been released.

The court finally found that Copperfield’s negligence could be established, but it did not involve any financial compensation for the British man’s injuries.

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