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Bixby can hurt Alexa Tech 

Bixby can hurt Alexa

Samsung’s assistant will soon support third-party apps.

Samsung recently joined the virtual assistants market, but Bixby arrived one year after Google Assistant, but it was also late for Alexa and Siri.

While Google built on its artificial intelligence quickly to develop its own solution, Bixby did not get smart at such a fast pace.

For now, the Bixby-capable smartphone is waiting for itself, so despite Samsung’s big plans, only top mobile owners can use the assistant with more or less success. According to the feedback, Bixby is by far not as clever as Google Assistant.

In the future, this may change, as even Google can help with Bixby’s development. Further good news is that the assistant will soon support apps from third parties. The arrival of the SDK and the API was announced by DJ Koh, Samsung’s mobile industry leader. Thanks to this, the fight between Bixby, Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri will be more acute.

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