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Bob Geldof returns his awards because Aung Szan Szu Kji, who tolerates the massacre in Myanmar, also received          United Kingdom 

Bob Geldof returns his awards because Aung Szan Szu Kji, who tolerates the massacre in Myanmar, also received       

Returns Dublin’s award to a musician Bob Geldof, protesting that the Aung San Suu Kyi Myanmar leader, who is tolerating the rohingja genocide, has received recognition from the Irish capital.

Geldof says Aung San Suu Kyi’s behavior is shocking and shameful for the city, which has rewarded the Myanmar leader with the award Freedom of the City of Dublin earlier – the musician quoted BBC News on Monday.
From Myanmar, more than 600,000 Rohi had to flee to Bangladesh due to the military force violence of the government forces, which was designated by the United Nations as an ethnic cleansing. Szu Kji came to the crossfire of the criticisms because he did not step up to defending the rohing. The Nobel Peace Prize laureate in Myanmar has spoken about the conflict only in mid-September, asking for patience.
Geldof, the founder of Live Aid, condemned Szu Kjit in writing and wrote that the Myanmar politician was shameful at Dublin by linking it to the city by honoring him. As he said, he does not want his name to be mentioned in any way with the person associated with genocide against Rohing.
Szu Kjit also condemned international leaders and human rights groups for refusing to admit that his country has systematically persecuted the Muslim rogue. The United Nations co-ordinated military action in the country is called the school example of ethnic cleansing.
Geldof’s bandmates, members of the U2, on Saturday also called on Myanmar’s politicians to take vigorously against security forces. According to the announcement on the band’s website, the silence of Szú Kji in the case seems to be the acceptance of what happened. The group called the violence and terror against rohinga startling atrocities, and demanded immediate termination of violence.
In October, Oxford City Council deprived Szú Kjit of the award he had donated. As the head of the city council said, it was an unprecedented step on the part of the city, but the citizens were deeply shocked by the persecution of Rohing and that Szu Kji did not speak against it.
St Hugh’s College, Oxford University, where Szú Kji learned, also removed his portrait.
Military actions against Rohinga started at the end of August. The soldiers killed thousands of people and burned villages, and the population was driven away. The Myanmar army, however, claims that only rohingja fights with armed forces, denies action against civilians.

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