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Boris Johnson: If there is no authentic Russian explanation, London will announce measures Wednesday     United Kingdom 

Boris Johnson: If there is no authentic Russian explanation, London will announce measures Wednesday  

British Foreign Minister says London will launch response responses on Wednesday if it does not receive a credible explanation of Russia’s attempted murder last week in Salisbury, England, by former Russian agent of British Foreign Intelligence (MI6) Sergei Skripal, former colonel and daughter of Russian military intelligence , Julia Szkripal, using neurosurgeons.

Boris Johnson confirmed in Tuesday’s statement that the British government waits until midnight on Moscow for an explanation of how the perpetrators of the Novices could use the drug substance in the Wiltshire County.
British Prime Minister Theresa May announced the evening of the London House of Commons that the British expert survey found that this Russian-based weapon-grade nerve poison was used to poison Scripta and her daughter.
According to experts, this drug was developed by the Soviet Union during the Cold War, but in Theresa May’s speech in the House of Commons, the British government said Russia could still have production capacity to produce this toxin.
May announced that the British government is “very likely” that Russia is behind the attack on Scripture.
Boris Johnson stressed in a Tuesday statement: if Moscow can provide a convincing explanation for what happened, then London wants the Russian government to provide full information to the Hague-based Chemical Weapons Organization (OPCW).
According to the British Foreign Minister, if the government does not receive a valid explanation from Russia, it will announce the British response on Wednesday.
Johnson said on BBC television on Tuesday, but refused to comment on the question of what kind of UK response measures could be considered, only saying that he would consider London a “package of measures”.
He stressed that Moscow does not provide a credible explanation for what happened in Salisbury until Tuesday midnight.
According to possible versions of the scenario released in the British press Tuesday, the response could include the expulsion of Russian diplomats working in London, the abolition of British broadcasting of RT English-language Russian newscast, some boycott of a Russian football world championship in the summer or Russian investors and real estate owners refusing access to their UK investments and assets.
Boris Johnson has referred to the British boycott of the World Cup for the past week. One week later, the Foreign Minister stated in London’s lower house that if it turns out that Moscow stands behind the poisoning incident, it would be “very difficult to imagine” that the UK could be “normally” represented in the sporting event.
Johnson’s staff soon informed the British press that the Foreign Minister was not referring to the absence of the English national football team, but of UK government officials and sports officials.
The President of the English Football Association (FA) is Prince William, the future vanguard of the British throne, II. Elizabeth’s granddaughter.
British Interior Minister Amber Rudd responded in response to the House of Commons of the House of Commons that the British authorities could re-examine the circumstances of several deaths of Russian citizens who died in Britain in recent years.
The Home Committee has asked 14 of these deaths to be re-examined by the Minister.
In response to his statement on Tuesday, Rudd said: The government is aware of the alleged allegations of possible involvement of the Russian state in these deaths, but in these cases, police and death investigations did not reveal evidence of criminal offenses.
However, in his letter to the Home Affairs Committee, the Minister of the Interior said that in the coming weeks he would also be convinced that “assumptions really are just assumptions” and that the police and the UK will help them (MI5).

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