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Tibor Bornai created the planned deficit target Interesting Facts Music 

Tibor Bornai created the planned deficit target

   Tibor Bornai announces his new album, entitled “Target deficit”. The musician and author of the KFT band, author of MTI, told us why he wrote pop songs around gray and boring economic terms.

    The planned deficit target is an electronic, multifaceted, lifelike, dynamic material, and the sound is different from the acoustic, silent approach that the musician has characterized over the past ten years.

    “They almost cut us daily with phrases that do not even hear or hear and we do not even think about what they mean when they become part of our lives. By taking a step back, it seemed funny, I collected a bouquet and tried they played songs, and I played with lyrics and music, and I was entertaining myself in my own way, “said Tibor Bornai.

    On the material, the heading In addition to the planned deficit target, there is the internal financing of the national debt, Derivative business, Consistent legal harmonization and Unemployment rate. The lyrics are, of course, about everyday things, love, sorrow.

    “It’s been a long time since the seventies saw us playing a table with three of András Laar and the late Brown Brown friend of ours, who had died since then.We made a cetlik before us, we gave you a title and then wrote a verse, a very entertaining as was the current writing, “he remarked.

    Tibor Bornai’s first solo album, Trasvitt Restaurant was published in a quarter century, in 1993. The album has not been redesigned since then, virtually unavailable, on CD on a popular international music marketplace, for $ 89, or nearly 25,000 forints.

    “It is saddened to be appreciated by a grateful poster, not those who are writing songs. I was not happy with the album’s reception 25 years ago, I expected more,” the musician recalled. In any case, the Take Over Restaurant is a number, “Do not Think About Me”, which was uploaded to Róbert Bérczesi I and the record album, also known as Ének.

    The musician remarked that he would also write songs if he only came to a narrow audience. He added that he started making soloes at that time because the orchestra of KFT suspended his operation. This is how Mágus (1995) and Balaton Winter (1997) were prepared, but when KFT returned, he produced his songs with the ensemble.

    Tibor Bornai has been publishing guitar over the last few years after releasing the guitar in the last few years on the web (Gladiator, Throw Your Brain – a cover of the musician’s paintings), with some new in addition to the compositions, there are revised versions of older songs.

    “The quieter, more acoustic repertoire is characteristic of these pieces, and I now love this world as well, and I think of it as the” Thoughts, that is, songs. “My goal was to empty the cannon and reveal what had accumulated in me over the years even if the songs they’ve released find few people. I do not get the promotion of myself, fortunately I found the songwriter publishing company, which also deals with online publishing, and they also came up with the planned deficit target, “said Tibor Bornai.

    The musician is already preparing for his next album, which will be released under the title “Housekeeping” this spring, with three duets featured with Ágnes Herczku, János Kardos-Horváth and Karinthy Vera.

    Tibor Bornai will be on 25th January, and will give a joint acoustic-telling concert with András Laár at the Barabás Villa in Budapest. The KFT, which has been in existence since 1981, will have more performances this year as well – on March 22 at A38 they have released their record for thirty years, Sweet Life, but occasionally they can hear their “street band” with the Serious Male Extermination Society.

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