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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were ordered to pay for the lighting design of their castle in Provence Finance 

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were ordered to pay for the lighting design of their castle in Provence

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have to pay 565,000 euros (171,5 million forints) to a French designer who has been debtors to plan and implement the lighting of their Provence mansion, “The Guardian reported.

The French interior designer has filed a lawsuit for divorce in the meantime because he did not pay for his work on the 17th century mansion. Odile Soudant also accused them of having his business come to the brink of bankruptcy because they did not settle the accounts related to the castle’s multi-million euro floodlight project.
The Paris Court of Appeal obliged Pitt and Jolie, Château Miraval, in the name of the estate to compensate Soudant by 565,000 euros in April. The amount already awarded included compensation of 60 thousand Euros (18 million Forints) due to the reputation of the designer.
The designer told the British newspaper that he hoped that the matter could be handled confidentially, and that he could arrange a friendly meeting with Pitt.
On Wednesday, the Liberation French newspaper court wrote on the documents that Pitt and Jolie had liked the Miraval Castle near Aix-en-Provence when they saw a helicopter watching the area.
The castle, surrounded by vineyards, has hundreds of hectares of land in Correns. In 1979, the Pink Floyd recorded his album The Wall in the Miraval studio in Corens.
The pair had first rented the castle and purchased it from the US owner for EUR 45 million (13.6 billion forints). After moving with six of their children, they began the transformation work, under the supervision of which a French main planner was entrusted. Pitt asked Soudant in 2010 to create his own Lumieres Studio company a year ago to design the natural illumination of the mansion and its outbuildings.
The designer told the Liberation that he had taken a free hand from Pitt to design the lighting system of the building complex. Although they did not sign a contract, they sent Bill and Jolie’s bill each month. As he said, he employed 17 people in the project, including architects, designers, lighting and acoustics.
Two years later, and according to the news, after investing around EUR 25 million (7.5 billion forints), subcontractors have still not completed their work due to delays. At the French Court of Appeal it was rumored that he had suspended payments to Soudant and his company after warning of Pitt’s main designer. However, the court held that the delay was not the fault of lighting technicians and Soudant did not bill too much.
Since their correspondence did not go with each other, Soudant took the matter. He also wanted to defeat the fact that while in the meantime a former co-worker took over the lighting project, acknowledge his design work.
After the court decision, he said that monetary compensation did not match his hurt as artist.
Hogan Lovells, Pitt’s defender in court, maintained that the castle’s lighting ideas originally came from his client.
After the election, the former pair of witches decided to hold the castle as an investment, with which they produce wine and olive oil.


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