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Brett Kavanaugh marks the US president as a new member of the Supreme Court – UPDATED (new: reactions) United States Of America 

Brett Kavanaugh marks the US president as a new member of the Supreme Court – UPDATED (new: reactions)

Judit Járai, correspondent of MTI means:
Judge Brett Kavanaugh is nominated by US President Donald Trump as a new member of the federal supreme court, acting as the Constitutional Court.

The president’s decision was announced Monday at the White House. His speech and the presentation of the main candidate were broadcast live by all American television.
53-year-old Conservative Brett Kavanaugh has been a member of the Washington DC Court of Appeal since 2006 and has been supported by press reports by the White House legal adviser, Don McGahn, who directed the nomination process. The Supreme Court therefore had to appoint a new member because Chief Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement a couple of weeks ago.
Donald Trump presented his candidate as a “brilliant lawyer,” and stressed that he had an impeccable professional background and unprecedented preparedness and was “proven committed” to the principle of equality before the law.
In his brief speech about Kavanaugh’s professional work, he promised to work with the letter’s letter. It was important to emphasize that he was an active member of a Catholic community in Washington along with his family.
Brett Kavanaugh graduated from Yale University. As a young lawyer, he was the judge of Kenneth Starr, who in the 1990’s directed Bill Clinton’s anti-presidential investigation. Later, in the White House led by George W. Bush, he was a legal adviser.
Your candidacy must be approved by the senate. There is a lengthy debate as the Democratic party senators have announced: they do not support Trump’s nomination, partly because they think the nomination would have to wait for the mid-term elections in the autumn and partly because they believe that Kavanaugh’s vote will shift the supreme court to a conservative direction. Analysts, however, recall that Kavanaugh had been successful in the very hard Senate hearing on his appointment as an appellate judge.
The Supreme Judicial Appointment is a lifetime and is an important decision in American politics and public life. The federal supreme court makes binding decisions that determine American life.
The first reactions after the nomination came from Republican politicians. Speaker of Parliament Paul Ryan called the nomination of Kavanaugh as “a perfect choice,” Mitch McConnell, head of the Senate republican faction, spoke of a “splendid election” in his first statement. He was praised and credited as a “brilliant lawyer” by George W. Bush. Senator John McCain of Arizona, who has criticized all Donald Trump’s decisions so far, said in a statement that he supported Brett Kavanaugh’s candidacy. McCain praised the candidate’s “impeccable” professional record and stated that Kavanaugh gained professional recognition as a “fair and independent” judge.

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