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Brexin is one of the main topics of the Spanish and Portuguese government summits Brexit 

Brexin is one of the main topics of the Spanish and Portuguese government summits

     Spain began its two-day summit in Portugal and the Spanish and Portuguese Governments, whose main topic is to discuss the positions on Brexin – the Spanish Prime Minister announced on Monday.

    The leadership of two countries in the Iberian Peninsula views the common issues that are considered most important for the 29th time. Meetings are held annually, but last year, due to the Spanish internal political crisis, was missed because the country was not governed by a full power.
    Last year Portugal would have been the host, but Spain this year, so they decided to hold the top two spots.
    According to the official announcement, the two governments will, among other things, review the challenges faced by the EU, address revision of their energy connections and further cross-border cooperation opportunities.
    The second day of the meeting is expected to adopt a joint declaration, which will be announced by the two prime ministers to the public.
    With Britain’s departure from the EU, Mariano Rajoy, right-wing Spanish and Antonio Costa, prime minister of the left-wing Portuguese government, argued in favor of reinforcing the European project.
    In addition, both South-European leaders have stressed that they want to maintain the closest relationship with the island to the present, in the future, among others in the areas of investment, trade, education and tourism.
    In Spain, it is of particular importance to what will be the 800,000 British citizens who live there and 300,000 Spanish citizens in Great Britain, who also have a number of consequences for Britain in the field of employment, social security or pensions.
    Furthermore, the fate of the 6.5km square of British Gibraltar in Spain, which the Spaniards would like to jointly undertake with Britain, is questionable, arguing that their people would thus retain access to the EU internal market.

Source: MTI / Image: Spain, Portugal /
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