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Brexit – The EU can modify a bit about its proposal to resolve the Irish-Northern Ireland issue Brexit 

Brexit – The EU can modify a bit about its proposal to resolve the Irish-Northern Ireland issue

One can modify the European Union’s proposal for a resolution on Irish-Northern Ireland border control as one of the main disputes in the Brexit negotiations to be more politically acceptable to the British Government, “the chairman of the European Parliament’s Constitutional Committee said.

Danuta Hübner has reported that “some changes have been made” to the EU proposal to solve the border control problem.
“The European Union has never intended to threaten the territorial integrity of the UK with the so-called precautionary solution,” he stressed.
The MP added that a kind of political assurance could supplement the solution proposal from the EU.
It further underlined that the proper settlement of the Irish-Northern border border control issue is a prerequisite for the orderly withdrawal of the island.
Brussels diplomatic sources have reported that Michel Barnier’s EU Brexit negotiator has recently submitted a similar proposal to the governments of the remaining Member States.
According to the Commission’s “precautionary” draft, Northern Ireland would continue to be part of the Customs Union and internal market regulation would remain valid until later on, there is no way to find a way to avoid reintroducing border control on the island of After the Union’s exit from the Union. However, the British Prime Minister said that they would never accept to accept it, which would threaten the country’s constitutional integrity.
Politico’s Brussels news portal, meanwhile, wrote that the European Commission had warned the twenty-seven last week that their representatives would not participate in the bilateral consultations initiated by the British, and that London was aiming for the “divide and rule” principle of “drifting” EU negotiating strategy, putting the committee back.
If it is not possible to reach an agreement in time, the UK will be forced out of the European Union in March next year without any agreement.

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