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Brexit – British Government: no agreement can be guaranteed for roaming-free telephony and validity of British licenses in the EU Brexit Tech 

Brexit – British Government: no agreement can be guaranteed for roaming-free telephony and validity of British licenses in the EU

The UK government said Thursday that no roaming-free mobile phone use would be guaranteed for British citizens visiting EU Member States and the validity of their driver’s licenses would not necessarily be recognized by EU Member States if they fail to reach agreement on the termination of British membership ( Brexit).

The British government has been publishing guidelines in the recent period in the event that changes are expected in the absence of the Brexit agreement. In all cases, however, the documents emphasize that London seeks an agreement with the European Union and has prepared these briefs only for the “unlikely” case if the United Kingdom leaves the EU without agreement.
In a new information package on Thursday, which also emphasizes the “unlikely” scenario, is that, in the absence of an agreement on the terms and conditions of the post-Brexit relations, the regulation of roaming charges that can be eliminated by UK-based service providers from EU-resident mobile operators, currently roaming free phone calls in the EU area would not be guaranteed to British citizens.
The ministry responsible for digital, cultural, media and sport, which provided information on Thursday’s roaming charges, also announced that the government would in this case make it mandatory to further enforce the ceiling on data roaming roaming charges currently set at EU level by EU roaming regulation for British service providers, the maximum roaming fee that can be charged per 45 bn per month.
The Ministry also underlines the fact that there is the possibility of further roaming-free mobile telephony within the European Union even if the Brexit agreement is not concluded if the service providers enter into commercial agreements with the partner companies within their jurisdiction.
According to the information, four of the UK’s largest mobile phone service providers, Three, EE, O2 and Vodafone, which control 85 percent of the UK market, have indicated that they will not make any modifications to the current roaming exercise after the expiry of the UK membership.
According to the information provided by the British Ministry of Transport on Thursday, breach of the Brexit Agreement will not necessarily apply in the EU for driving licenses issued in the United Kingdom, nor can it be guaranteed that British nationals resident in EU countries can exchange them their UK driving license to the host country’s driving license.
According to the ministry, in this case, it may be necessary to set up a separate international driving license for British citizens to drive in the European Union and hire a vehicle there.
According to the information provided by the ministry, failing to replace the international driving license, British motorists may not be allowed to enter or end up with their vehicles in EU countries.
According to this guide, the replacement of an international driving license would be £ 5.50 (slightly over two thousand forints) if needed.

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