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Brexit – Most British voters no longer support exit Brexit 

Brexit – Most British voters no longer support exit

It is even possible that the United Kingdom will not leave the European Union, but there is a greater chance of exit, “said Zoltán Gálik, an expert.

The professor at Corvinus University spoke of the fact that, according to the latest opinion polls, the United Kingdom has already dominated Brexit’s opponents.
He stressed that while the agreement with the European Union on the post-March exits scheduled for March 2019 should be agreed with the European Union, it is not possible to agree on key issues on the key issues, but no negotiations are under way either. The legal framework created for decades in the single market can not be overhauled for months in a country.
And if there is no agreement, the EU will treat the United Kingdom as a third country and any bureaucratic hurdle will get bogged down in the British economy – the researcher said.

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