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Brexit – Brussels Spokesman: Exit negotiations begin on Monday Brexit 

Brexit – Brussels Spokesman: Exit negotiations begin on Monday

Following the conclusion of the negotiations on the exit from the United Kingdom by the Treaty of Lisbon under Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon, on the Monday, Michel Barnier, the European Commission’s Brexit Chief Negotiator and David Davis, Head of the British Ministry for the Negotiation of the Brexit Negotiations – announced Mina Andreeva, a spokeswoman for the EU committee on Friday.

The spokesman said the trial would begin at 11:00 in the European Commission building. At the first meeting, the focus will be on civil rights, financial management, issues related to the Northern border, and some other issues related to separation.
The parties will also discuss the course and structure of the negotiations and summarize the questions to be answered.
The spokesman said that the European Commission had previously informed the United Kingdom of its resolutions on civil and financial clearance. The texts – in line with their transparency policy – were published by the committee on Monday, the spokesman said.
Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon deals with the process of cessation of membership of the EU and provides for a two-year time limit for negotiations on the conditions of exit following the official announcement of the exit.
British Prime Minister Theresa May officially announced this intention on 29 March this year so that the EU’s membership of the United Kingdom will end in March 2019 unless the current EU Member States agree with the consensus – and with London’s agreement – to extend the negotiations.
A referendum was held in Britain last June that the country would remain a member of the European Union. In the referendum, 52 per cent of British voters voted to leave and 48 per cent to remain.

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