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Brex – Donald Tusk to the British Prime Minister: Time to work to mitigate the damage Brexit 

Brex – Donald Tusk to the British Prime Minister: Time to work to mitigate the damage

It is time to work to reduce the damages caused by the unilateral departure of the United Kingdom now that the British Conservative Party’s annual congress is over, said Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on Thursday, Donald Tusk, President of the European Council.

“I’ve been a party leader for 15 years, I know the rules of party politics, but now that the Tory Congress is over, it’s time to see work,” Tusk emphasized in Leo Varadkar’s meeting with the Irish Prime Minister in Brussels.
He emphasized: “Even if it is difficult or unpleasant, truth is the best way to show our respect for our partners.”
Tusk called the British Foreign Minister’s later revocation statement, which he compared the European Union to the Soviet Union as “insane” and “offensive”. He also pointed out that the unacceptable remarks that put stress on emotion, which lead to emotions, are not leading anywhere, and they only waste time.
“The Soviet Union has been talking about prisons, goblins, borders and walls, about violence against citizens and neighboring countries. The European Union, on the other hand, has freedom, human rights, prosperity, peace, fearless life, democracy and pluralism, and a continent without borders or walls “.
The chairman of the Council also stated that the role of the EU negotiating mandate is to protect the interests of the remaining twenty-seven Member States and, although extremely sorry for the departure of the United Kingdom, will not give up the community’s core values and interests.
Since the beginning, the European Union has been striving for as close as possible to the island, not just a free trade agreement that has been negotiated with Canada, but the much deeper “Canada-plus-plus” agreement, including foreign and security policy issues, he said.
Tusk, on behalf of the other remaining Member States, again backed Ireland and said that although London had rejected the EU solution proposal for border control in Northern Ireland, it would still be possible to settle exclusively in full compliance with the 1998 Good Friday Agreement and internal market and customs union integrity.
Leo Varadkar talked about the need to accelerate negotiations before the EU summit in October, which should be a major step forward in order to reach an agreement next month.
“This is in Ireland, the European Union and the United Kingdom, too,” he said.

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