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Brexit – EU negotiator: there is no time to start negotiating Brexit 

Brexit – EU negotiator: there is no time to start negotiating

 There is no time to waste, as soon as negotiations on the EU exit from the United Kingdom are started, with the further sliding there is a growing risk that the British EU membership will be terminated without agreement, which would be detrimental to both sides, “said Michel Barnier, European Commission’s Brexit chief negotiator in a Tuesday interviews.

    Barnier urged London to enter into negotiations with the British business newspaper Financial Times and to appoint a negotiating delegation with a “stable, accountable and strong mandate”.
    Next week, three months ago, the British government has activated Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon, which regulates the process of termination of EU membership.
    “I am concerned that the time is faster than anyone would think, the issues that we need to reach for an agreement are extremely complex,” the former French minister said.
    “I can not negotiate with myself,” he said, adding that the EU is ready to begin negotiations when the United Kingdom is well prepared.
    Speaking about the unity of twenty-seven Member States remaining after Brexit, the negotiator expressed the opinion that it should not be taken naturally and the unit should be constantly working. As you said, certain issues will probably start later on this unit, but he will do everything he can to preserve it.
    Michel Barnier announced that he would conclude negotiations with the British by November 2018 at the latest until 2018 to have enough time to ratify the treaty by Member States and the European Parliament by March 2019.
    Article 50 provides for a two-year timeframe for negotiations on the conditions of exit, on the basis of which British membership may end in March 2019 unless the parties agree to extend the process. The latter solution would not be supported by Barnier, saying that any further delays further increase the uncertainty.
    According to press reports, Barnier met on Monday with two representatives of the British government in Brussels but failed to agree on the exact date of the start of the conciliation and the timetable for the negotiations. The parties finally agreed that technical negotiations would continue this week.
    The original plans are to start the Brexit negotiations on June 19, but the outcome of the early British elections, due to the defeating victory of the conservative party, is a great deal of uncertainty as to whether or not to keep the timetable.

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