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Brexit – British Prime Minister visits EU capitals Brexit European Union 

Brexit – British Prime Minister visits EU capitals

Prime Ministers in the capital of EU Member States are beginning negotiations Tuesday. According to Downing Street Monday’s announcement, Theresa May intends to raise concerns for the negotiating partners expressed by the representatives of the London Parliament regarding the agreement on the conditions for expiration of the British EU membership (Brexit).

May first visits The Hague, where Mark Rutte holds a bilateral meeting with Dutch Prime Minister.
Speaker of the London Prime Minister’s Office said Theresa May would then travel to Berlin where German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed him.
Theresa May, previously speaking in the london lower house, announced that contrary to the original plans, the government would not issue a vote on Parliament on Tuesday on the Brexit agreement.
The decision was justified by the fact that one of the cornerstones of the convention, in the case of a reserve solution aimed at preventing the reintroduction of Irish-Northern Ireland border controls, is “deeply concerned” among Members, and if the vote was held Tuesday in accordance with the original plans, majority “would have refused.
Theresa May has already referred to the House of Commons in the House of Commons in the coming days to discuss the concerns of the British Parliament in the coming days.
According to Downing Street Monday’s announcement May travels to the usual Tuesday cabinet at a different date.
The Prime Minister’s Office has not yet announced that Theresa May will visit other EU capitals outside of The Hague and Berlin, but the British Prime Minister will participate in the European Union’s Thursday summit in Brussels on the basis of the previously announced official program.

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