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 At the end of the Brexit process, a new referendum on independence would be justified Brexit Scotland 

 At the end of the Brexit process, a new referendum on independence would be justified

According to the election program of the Scottish National Party (SNP), Scotland, Tuesday, a new referendum on Scottish independence would be justified at the end of the series of negotiations on the conditions for expulsion of British EU membership.

    The 48-page program was premiered by Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon at the SNP election campaign in Perth, Scotland. According to the program, if the SNP will win the majority of MPs in Scotland in the London parliamentary elections next Thursday, it would be “democratically unsustainable” if the British government were to try to prevent the Scottish people from “choosing the right time” for their future.
    Nicola Sturgeon, however, stated that the new referendum on independence would be “not now” but when it is known that the final conditionality for the expiry of the British EU membership is known.
    There was a referendum on Scotland’s independence in September 2014, where the secessionists were victorious with a 55 per cent majority.
    On the British referendum on EU membership last year, however, 62 per cent of Scotland voted to stay, but on the national average, even those who fled came to a narrow, 51.9 per cent majority.
    Nicola Sturgeon has stated in several declarations since the referendum on membership in the EU: Scotland does not accept that, despite his will, he is “knocked” out of the European Union.
    The Scottish Prime Minister announced on Tuesday’s SNP election program that in Scotland many people are also concerned about the “extreme Brexit goals” of the British Conservative Party in the UK, who were in favor of leaving last year’s EU referendum.
    According to Sturgeon, one of the cornerstones of the “extreme version” of Brexit is that the British government wants to move not only from the EU, but also from the single European internal market. According to the Scottish Head of Government, this alone threatens 80,000 jobs in Scotland and poses serious threats to almost every other sector in Scottish agriculture, fisheries, higher education, the food industry and the Scottish economy.
    Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May has just confirmed shortly after the election program of the Scottish government, that if the Conservative Party wins the forthcoming elections scheduled for next Thursday, Britain will also exit the EU’s single market.
    The British Prime Minister stated in a London campaign event that British membership on the EU internal market could not be maintained, as it would have to accept the freedoms of the European Union “holy and inviolable”, including the free movement of people within the EU. According to Theresa May, this would mean that Britain would not be able to control its borders to such an extent as British voters want.
    However, the British prime minister also confirmed that London is seeking a comprehensive free trade agreement with the EU, which gives British companies the maximum freedom to remain competitive and directly present in the European markets.

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