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Brexit – Johnson: “throw away” the Brexit strategy of the government Brexit 

Brexit – Johnson: “throw away” the Brexit strategy of the government

Boris Johnson, former British Foreign Minister, says that his own government’s Brexit strategy should be “thrown out”.

Johnson, who spoke on an unofficial Tuesday event of the ruling British Conservative Party in Birmingham, called a “constitutional dishonesty” by the government’s package of drafts drawn up by the government in the country residency of the British prime ministers in Chequers that ended the termination of the British EU membership (Brexit ) to the European Union.
Boris Johnson said in a statement Tuesday that “if we tricked the electors and called Checkers, it could only lead to further deepening of voter distrust.
The chequering package proposes a much closer relationship with the EU than the hard-core Tory Brexit camp wanted to see, and Boris Johnson, the front-runner of the faction group, also said that he was in charge of Foreign Affairs.
One of the cruxest elements of the British motion is that London proposes to establish a common free trade area and to propose common rules for the EU to regulate the circulation of physical goods, in a way that Britain and the European Union create a “combined customs”.
Since then, Johnson has been campaigning against the chequersi package; for example, in a weekend interviews, he described the motives of his own government as “mentally ill”.
The former Foreign Minister said in his speech in Birmingham that the package would mean “semi-subsistence, half-exit” and it is time to “drop the Checkers”.
The term “Chuck Checkers”, used by Johnson several times, has become the motto of conservative politicians, and the Conservative Party delegates who filled the Birmingham auditorium were overwhelmingly overstated when he repeated this to the end of his 40-minute speech.
More than a dozen congressional delegates were interested in Johnson’s speech, such as Mr Nemid Javid, Minister of the Interior, shortly before his speech. Javid spoke in a half-full-story auditorium, not least because most of the delegates had already moved to Johnson’s speech where many had to stand for an hour before they arrived.
According to Boris Johnson, the chequersi package could “crawl” Britain into the European Union. He declared that “Authors of Checkers” may even face criminal proceedings, in the XIV. century law prohibiting foreign courts or governments from having any legal jurisdiction in England.
Johnson’s speech was preceded by tense attention, as many wondered whether the former Foreign Minister would make any reference to any Prime Minister’s ambitions, and in this connection whether to initiate the move from Theresa May to the Conservative Party.
In Johnson’s speech, however, that was not clear and even semi-joking: he congratulated Philip Hammond, Finance Minister who, according to press reports, said that he would never become prime minister.
According to Boris Johnson, this is the first finance ministry forecast for a long time, which “clearly has its reality”.

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