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Brexin – House of Lords: the British government should clarify the “urgency” of the situation of foreign EU citizens Brexit United Kingdom 

Brexin – House of Lords: the British government should clarify the “urgency” of the situation of foreign EU citizens

 The British government has a “moral obligation” to provide urgently and clearly as possible and unilaterally with guarantee clarify the legal situation in Britain living in foreign EU citizens – is the upper chamber of the British Parliament, compiled by the House of Lords, on Wednesday described the report. However, the government minister Brexin Affairs at the earliest, according to London in February, contains details on negotiation strategy.

    The Upper House – which have no independent legislative discretion, but on the basis of the unwritten British constitutional principles the government should take resolutions taking – Wednesday’s report made it clear that the British EU membership held in June referendum – which narrow 51.9 percent majority of the participants in the exit voted – “not surprisingly, aroused deep concerns” among foreigners living in Britain, EU citizens who significantly enrich the British economy and cultural life.
    The House of Lords EU committee resolution as co-workers from EU states spend a shortage in the vacant positions, which can not find domestic workers. This is as true requiring high skill jobs – such as health care and financial services – such as lower qualifications can be loaded or seasonal jobs.
    The longer uncertainty about their future, they find less attractive to the UK as a place of life and employment, and therefore it becomes more and more job betölthetetlenné – consists of the House of Lords EU committee report.
    The committee listened to Poland in London ambassador Arkady Rzegockit, he said according to the report: The number living in the UK Polish community as measured before the 2004 Eastern EU enlargement to 70 thousand has 984 thousand has been extended, but with those who in the meantime acquired British citizenship, or have been born in Britain, the actual number is more likely to act around one million.
    The House of Lords report that Rzegocki said that 92 percent of Poles working in Great Britain and taxed, and even create jobs, as 22 thousand of them are independent businesses were established.
    The ambassador said the British government must create the conditions for foreign EU citizens a clear legal situation, who pay their taxes for many years in the UK.
    British Prime Minister Theresa May said in a statement several also claimed that expects a reciprocal basis even after the termination of the British EU membership will ensure the enforcement of Britons already living in Britain foreign EU nationals and EU co-established states’ rights.
    However, the House of Lords report published on Wednesday calls on the British government to change its position and immediately give up unilaterally guarantee the protection of all foreign EU nationals living in Britain periods after termination of the rights of British EU membership.
    Ministry for the management of the exit negotiations leader David Davis a hearing of the House Brexin Affairs Committee also held on Wednesday, however, stated that the detailed policy issues for EU membership termination of the related are still being developed, and the regulation of immigration is only one of the 57 areas that Brexin the negotiations are expected to be on the agenda.
    According to Davis, London does not want to describe the details of any future negotiating strategy before February because they do not want to undermine its negotiating position.
    The British government is planning to Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon is activated by the end of March 2017. This article is governed – and activating official launch – Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union and provides for two years of negotiation process.
    But Davis in Wednesday’s hearing, said that “if necessary” concluding agreement on a temporary basis is possible if within the time frame agreement is reached with the EU.

Source: MTI / Image: David Davis /

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