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Brexit – The New York Times: The British need a leader United Kingdom 

Brexit – The New York Times: The British need a leader

“The British nation that desperately needs a leader” – a commentary published on this web page by The New York Times on Tuesday’s British parliamentary vote, which largely rejected the terms of the British EU membership (Brexit). agreement.

The paper called the vote a historic one and believed that London would need a “miraculous statesman”. “But, unfortunately, there is Theresa Maye and Jeremy Corbyn,” wrote the Times publicist Jenni Russell.
The author referred to the British Conservative politician Nicholas Soames, the grandson of Winston Churchill, who quoted the words of one of his grandfather’s favorite and often quoted poet Edwin J. Milliken: “Who is responsible for the rattling train? close to the top, the driver is deaf, and the train ride in the night, who is responsible for the rumbling train? “.
“No one knows this,” the publicist replied, adding that the London government, parliament, political parties and the whole country were hopelessly divided on the realization of Brexit. “The world of British politics has exploded – and the political norms have exploded,” said Jenni Russell.
The reviewer pointed out that, in the event of a similar defeat, a prime minister was expected to resign, but – he added – no one would expect Theresa May to resign during the week, the less he had already announced before the vote whatever the outcome.
According to the author, Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Workers’ Party, has a strong position, but his party is also divided on Brexit. He raised the possibility, which he himself described as “wild”, of bringing together “moderate laborers” and “rebellious conservatives” to create a new parliamentary group prepared to lead a national unity government. “This seems to be an unnatural solution, but any other solution,” the analyst said.

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