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Brexit – Theresa May: The EU is not the same as the Soviet Union Brexit European Union 

Brexit – Theresa May: The EU is not the same as the Soviet Union

According to the British Prime Minister, the European Union can not be compared to the former Soviet Union. Theresa May declined on BBC’s public television television on Tuesday to barely reject her own statement by Jeremy Hunt, her Foreign Minister.

Hunt, speaking on the annual congress of the Governor of the Conservative Party in Birmingham, said: “The leaders of the European Union can treat the treatment of Britain as” a means of keeping the club at the same time “as the punishment of those who wish to leave the country, but the last time in Europe was the Soviet Union he did not allow anybody to leave his interest.
He added that if the EU were transformed into “jail, the desire to leave would not be reduced, it would be strengthened, and we will not be the only prisoners who want to escape.”
Hunt’s criticisms have been subjected to serious criticism even within his own party.
Theresa May, who first spoke on Tuesday in the BBC interview, said that at the European Union negotiating table there are representatives of countries that once belonged to the Soviet Union, but are now democratic countries. “I can say that the two organizations are not the same,” he added.
At the same time, the British Prime Minister confirmed in his interview with the Birmingham Congress that the European Union did not explicitly state its objections to the British government proposal on the condition of the termination of the British EU membership (Brexit).
Some of the critical elements of the package of proposals, above all on trade regulation, at the last month’s informal EU summit in Salzburg, Donald Tusk, the President of the European Council of Heads of State or Government, called him inoperative.
“But then we hear what their objections, or if we have a counter proposal, we would like to hear,” said the British Prime Minister in the BBC interview this Tuesday.
The most critical issue in the Brexit negotiations is how to avoid the restoration of physical customs and travel checks at the 499 km limit of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, which will be the only land border for the United Kingdom and the EU after Brexit. The abolition of previously strictly restrictive border controls is one of the main achievements of the Northern Ireland settlement process.
Theresa May also confirmed in a statement Tuesday that the proposed European Union proposal for London would not be acceptable as it would transfer the customs border to the Irish Sea, ie Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom, breaking the UK’s integrity .
The EU suggests that Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland remaining in the EU would form a unified customs regulation area in order to ensure the transport of passengers and goods without physical border controls at the Irish-Northern Ireland border once the British EU membership is terminated.
However, according to London, this would virtually mean that Northern Ireland would remain in place as a rule system for the EU single market, even though the British government wants to abolish the EU single market and customs union.
Theresa May pointed out in a BBC interview Tuesday that London would soon come up with a new proposal to resolve the stalemate, but the Prime Minister did not reveal the details of this yet.

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