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Brexit – Theresa May: Crash Damage Should Politics Fail to Make Electoral Decision Brexit 

Brexit – Theresa May: Crash Damage Should Politics Fail to Make Electoral Decision

According to Prime Minister Theresa May, trust in democracy would cause catastrophic and unforgivable harm if politics did not comply with the electoral decision of the British EU membership (Brexit). At the same time, former Mayor Sir John Major, on May May, called on the head of government to stop the Brexit process and make another referendum on EU membership.

May in his article on Sunday’s massive, EU-skeptical Sunday mass magazine, Sunday Express, speaks directly to the electorate, but expresses his words clearly to those in the lower house who are preparing to reject the Brexit agreement next week’s vote.
According to the Prime Minister, if the Parliament rejects the agreement reached with the EU, it would run the risk that the United Kingdom would either leave without, or would not “leave” the European Union at all.
The Lower House in London is expected to vote on the Brexit agreement late at night, but for the time being, there is no majority in favor of the 585-page agreement reached with the European Union, primarily because of serious disagreements over a back-up solution to avoid Irish-Irish border controls.
Under this mechanism, the United Kingdom and the EU would remain in a customs union relationship if it would not be possible to draw up in time a free trade agreement that would render the reintroduction of border control unnecessary. The bold Brexit camp of the ruling Conservative Party faction and the largest British party in the UK, the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), whose support is needed by the minority conservatives, rigidly rejects this solution.
In an article published on Sunday, Theresa May, however, made little reference to attempting to unite the most diverse views, including opposition lawmakers. The Head of Government reveals that in recent days, “different parties” have discussed with more than two hundred representatives of the House of Commons who wish to exclude Brexit without agreement.
He also spoke to members who are calling for a new referendum on EU membership and for those who would be the “perfect Brexite” for an unannounced exit.
According to Theresa May, in a referendum held in 2016, with a majority of 51.89 percent of those who voted to leave, many people have for the first time turned to politics for decades for the first time. They should not be left in the hands of politicians now, because if they do so, they would undermine the public confidence in democracy in a disastrous and unforgivable way – the government’s article says.
May said that, on the basis of all this, he would tell the Parliament “time to stop playing” and do what the country needs.
Sir John Major, who served as Prime Minister at the Conservative Party for seven years until 1997, wrote in his article on the Sunday Times, a conservative Sunday UK paper, that only a new referendum could save the UK from a bad deal or the Brexit disaster without agreement.
According to Major, the Brexit party campaigned for “false bets and unfulfilled promises” before the 2016 referendum, and this is the only reason for the country’s current sad situation.
The former tory prime minister, who in recent months has called for an exit from the EU in a number of declarations of disaster, suggested in his Sunday article that as there is no consensus on the future direction of the Brexit process, the government would suspend Brexit-related decision-making. Parliament to withdraw the Act on Exit, withdraw the announcement of the activation of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty – this article regulates, and its activation almost two years ago has officially launched the Brexit process – elaborates on the future relationship with the EU. and make another referendum on them.
According to Major, maintaining EU membership should also be a choice for a new referendum.
There was also a separate campaign group to fight for the new referendum last year, but Theresa May repeatedly strongly rejected the possibility of a new referendum.

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