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Brexit – Theresa May: “there would be no end to the world” an unexpired exit Brexit 

Brexit – Theresa May: “there would be no end to the world” an unexpired exit

According to the British Prime Minister, “it would not mean the end of the world” if Britain were to come out of the European Union next year, until no agreement was reached on future bilateral trade relations.

Theresa May, who on Tuesday launched an African-sponsored African tour, told reporters in South Africa that he was accompanying him: he still thinks that even if there is a possible bad deal, it is better not to sign an agreement with the EU on late March abate.
He added that he said the same thing that the CEO of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Roberto Azevedo, said the other day, namely that the unexpired exit would not create an easy situation but would not mean the end of the world.
According to May, the British government is making preparations to succeed in such a situation, but it is primarily working to be successful and to reach a good agreement with the European Commission.
A few days ago, in a written reply from a Finance Minister, Philip Hammond, he explained that, according to the ministry’s preliminary calculations, in the case of an unexpired exit, the UK’s total domestic product (GDP) was between 5-10.3 per cent for 15 years from the date of termination of EU membership – based on a median of 7,7%, would be left out of the current baseline forecast calculating the agreement reached.
According to Hammond’s letter last week, this would mean that in 2033, the UK’s general government debt financing requirement would have been higher by HUF 80 billion (by 29,000 billion forints) than the base prognosis for the year due to the lower performance of the economy.
The finance minister was seriously criticized by the ruling British Conservative Party’s hard-line members of Brexit, who were accused of unfounded fear of Hammond.
The Conservative Party, however, has prominent members who strongly oppose the unabated exit.
Prime Minister John Major, a former conservative prime minister on BBC television – with a direct reference to the repeated stance that Theresa May reiterated on Tuesday, Tuesday, saying that a bad agreement is even better if there is no agreement with the EU – stated earlier: the worst possible scenario.
According to the former head of government, in this case, for example, the northeastern part of the country, which is “well known for its prosperous prosperity,” would mean an economic loss of 16% of the total domestic product produced locally.
The idea that a hard-liner Brexit camp in the tory faction might claim a “good future” in the event of a cessation of EU membership without agreement, and that the British Government could negotiate trade agreements with other countries, John Major said: it is even possible that Earth is flat but not very likely. “

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