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Brexit – Theresa May: There will be no new referendum Brexit United Kingdom 

Brexit – Theresa May: There will be no new referendum

He denied the possibility of a new referendum on Britain’s EU membership Sunday’s British Prime Minister’s announcement.

Theresa May, in a paper entitled The Sunday Telegraph, on a Sunday British newspaper, which is strongly EU skeptical, said that a referendum on British membership in the EU on June 2016, with a narrow majority of 51.9 per cent of participants leaving the country, expressed their will , for many years, for the first time in decades, many have trusted that their votes count, and that after years of feeling that politics did not care about them, they now hear their word.
According to Theresa May, if they were to ask them once again about EU membership, it would be a serious betrayal of democracy and a vote of confidence in the referendum.
The British Prime Minister announced that he will not allow those who want to open the whole case again with a second referendum.
In the spring, a nationwide campaign group formed People’s Vote with the participation of well-known public figures, politicians and business leaders to make a referendum on the conditionality of extinction of the British EU membership. The two front-runners of the organization are the now famous actor, Sir Patrick Stewart and Gary Lineker, a former English football star from the X-Men and Star Trek series.
People’s Vote has organized more than 100,000 plebiscites in London for the second anniversary of the referendum on EU membership early this summer, demanding that a referendum once again decide on the conditions of exit before the end of British EU membership.
However, the conservative British government has so far refuted the idea of any new referendum, and officially the largest opposition force, the current leadership of the Workers Party does not support initiatives to do so, even though former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s former Prime Minister is also campaigning to voters can give an opinion about the conditions for expulsion of British EU membership.
Blair is actively supported by his immediate predecessor and former political rival, Sir John Major, a former conservative prime minister who, in several statements, called the “historic mistake” for the majority vote in the 2016 referendum on British membership in the EU.
Theresa May stated in Sunday’s article that the confidence of the people of the referendum should not only be restored to a good Brexit agreement, but also that the government responds to the need for wider change, which was central to the referendum on exit.
The head of government added: he trusts that a good exit agreement with the EU has been achieved, but the government has acted in a responsible manner during the summer to prepare for the possibility that there is no agreement on the conditions for Brexit. May reiterated his repeated stance that “this would not mean the end of the world, even though it would not be wondrous.”

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