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Brexit – Theresa May: Brexit is more likely to miss out than without an agreement Brexit 

Brexit – Theresa May: Brexit is more likely to miss out than without an agreement

British Prime Minister Theresa May said it would be a catastrophic damage to politics if the electoral decision on the abolition of the British EU membership (Brexit) was not fulfilled, and it is now more likely that the UK will remain a member of the European Union, as if it might have an agreement. without leaving the EU.

May, Monday in Stoke-on-Trent, Central England, speak to factory workers. Nearly 70 percent of voters in the city voted to leave the EU for a referendum in June 2016;
The conservative British head of government declares in his speech, according to the preliminary details presented by Downing Street Monday morning: recent developments in the UK have shown that some actors in the British big politics would delay or even stop the Brexit process and are ready to use every possible means .
Theresa May believes that there is now a greater chance that these political forces will push Brexit as a result of the British EU membership ceasing to exist without the entry into force of the Brexit agreement.
May, for example, warns the people who want to vote against the convention during the parliamentary vote on the Brexit agreement.
The Lower House in London is expected to vote on the agreement late at night, but for the time being, the majority of the 585-page agreement reached with the European Union is not reached, mainly because of serious disagreements over the reserve solution to avoid Irish-Irish border controls.
Under this mechanism, the United Kingdom and the EU would remain in a customs union relationship if it would not be possible to draw up in time a free trade agreement that would render the reintroduction of border control unnecessary. The bold Brexit camp of the ruling Conservative Party faction and the largest British party in the UK, the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), whose support is needed by the minority conservatives, rigidly rejects this solution.
According to unofficial estimates, it is not excluded that the Lower House can abandon the Brexit agreement by up to three-digit majority.
Theresa May has already argued in Sunday’s right-wing, strongly-EU-skeptical British mass magazine Sunday Express, that if Parliament rejects the Brexit Convention, it would run the risk of withdrawing from the UK or without agreement, ” or not at all “from the European Union.
May, according to a preliminary announcement by the London Prime Minister’s Office, this argument is expected to be extended in Monday’s speech with a warning that the latter option is now more likely than the former.
According to the Sunday Sunday conservative Sunday newspaper, government and opposition MPs are preparing to take the initiative in defining the further process of the exit process in the event of a lowering of the Brexit agreement and submit a draft law that would prohibit the government from agreeing to the agreement. to leave the EU.
Theresa May had repeatedly voiced his opinion that Brexit without an agreement is better than a bad Brexit agreement. However, May’s recurring argument since the elaboration of the agreement on exit conditions in November is that there are only two possible alternatives to the adoption of the Brexit agreement by Parliament: either the Brexit without the agreement or the fact that the United Kingdom will not leave the EU.

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