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Brexit – Tusk: It was never so unlikely that Brex was uncompleted Brexit 

Brexit – Tusk: It was never so unlikely that Brex was uncompleted

Negotiations on the conditions of termination of the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union (Brexit) have stalled, responsible for brexit without agreement, which has never been as likely as it is now – in the second half of the summit.

According to Donald Tusk, he invited Prime Minister Theresa May to present his government’s assessment of exit negotiations at a two-day summit on Wednesday.
The President of the European Council underlined that reaching the agreement proved to be a more complex task than many people expected.
Nevertheless, it must be entrusted and determined to achieve a mutually beneficial solution for both sides, he added.
He said that, as in the United Kingdom, the European Commission has also begun to prepare for the scenario of unintentional exit, which is being presented to the Summit at the summit.
“However, the fact that we are preparing for such a scenario can not in any way distract us from doing everything possible to reach the best possible deal. Everything seems impossible until it happens, so do not give up,” said Donald Tusk .
He is informed that on Thursday, the second day of the summit, member states’ leaders will discuss issues of migration, internal security and external relations.
“Our goal is to formulate a strong message on the fight against human trafficking networks, the protection of the external borders and close cooperation with the countries of origin and the countries of transit”.
As you have said, Member State leaders will focus on how the EU reaffirms the importance of the Eurogroup President of the Eurogroup of the Portuguese Finance Minister Mário Centeno, chair of the Eurogroup of the euro area finance ministers and Mario Draghi, chair of the European Central Bank, on economic and monetary union (EMU) reform flexibility in the economy.
In his invitation letter, Tusk also announced that the European Council meeting was attended by ASEM on Friday, with 21 Asian countries attending. Leaders will focus on how to make EU-region relations sustainable and how to strengthen the rule-based international order. Following the meeting, the EU Summit will hold a meeting with the Republic of Korea, followed by a meeting of the leaders of the EU and the Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

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