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The British government has announced a 25-year program to eliminate plastic waste United Kingdom 

The British government has announced a 25-year program to eliminate plastic waste

The UK government announced a quarter-century environmental strategy aimed at the total elimination of plastic waste.

The program was presented personally by Prime Minister Theresa May. May stated that the government was pushing for taxation and other incentives amongst the first steps to get outlets of disposable disposable plastic products from their product range and packaging.
They make it mandatory for every UK store to clear 5 pence after each new plastic shopping bag and encourage fiscal rules to make as many products as possible on the counters without plastics or any packaging.

Five penny prizes have been compulsory for large British supermarkets employing more than 250 employees for three years after plastic bags, but the British government will soon extend this obligation to every store. Experienced are: the statistics show that 83 percent, or 9 billion, has been selling less plastic bags since the introduction of the prize.

Theresa May said: Only in Britain is the amount of unprocessed plastic waste generated each year, with which it would be possible to spend a thousand times at Royal Albert Hall.
The luxurious London Event Center, which rises at Hyde Park, has an internal height of 41 meters, an oval square of 225 meters.

According to the British head of government, the plastic waste entering the sea was found in the dead of several dozen marine mammals and hundreds of seabirds.

He added that in British territorial waters, millions of birds per year, more than 100,000 marine mammals and turtles die each year due to their plastic or plastic threads, and fishermen found plastic fish in one third of the fish caught in the La Manche Channel.

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