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British Government: Foreign EU citizens will “have plenty of time to resort to settled status”      Brexit 

British Government: Foreign EU citizens will “have plenty of time to resort to settled status”   

According to the British Government, foreign EU citizens living in Britain will have “plenty of time” for Brex, that is to say, after the expiration of the UK membership of the EU, to apply for permanent residence permit status and officials who have received the request will not be able to ” technical kind of little things “.

The Department of the United Kingdom Department of the Brexit Process also published some details on Tuesday, in addition to the plans already known, on how the British government plans how to assess the settlement applications of foreign EU citizens.
According to the package of points called “technical documentation”, which the Ministry has also sent to the European Commission as part of the negotiation process on exit conditions, foreigners coming to Great Britain from other EU countries will still have two years after Brexit’s date to apply for a permanent residence permit, and will have the right to appeal if their application is rejected by the UK authorities.
According to the Ministry’s promise, applicants for statutory status will have to submit “minimal” documentation to prove their entitlement and the adjudicating officers will have the opportunity to contact the applicants in order to resolve possible “minor problems”.
According to the package of proposals, the status of a resident status will not be more than the tax levied on the issuance of British passports.
The British passport is currently payable at £ 72.50 (£ 26,000). For children, the British passport is issued for £ 46 (slightly more than $ 16,000).
Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish prime minister, recently announced that if the UK government is obliged to reimburse UK citizenship for UK citizenship after the expiration of British membership of the EU, the Scottish government pays this cost to the Scottish public service sector, EU workers.
The package of proposals presented by the British Department of Brexit on Tuesday states that applications for permanent resettlement can only be considered on the basis of the criteria set out in the future agreement on exit conditions, for reasons other than those set out above, or “technical minorities” can not be dismissed.
Foreign EU citizens will not have to have general sickness insurance to stay in Britain and do not have to file fingerprints for their petition.
They must, however, declare that there has been a final court judgment against them for any criminal offense, and that the authorities will also check whether the applicants are not included in the UK national security databases.
According to the package of proposals, this is a reasonable measure to protect Britain from those who committed serious crimes.
According to the Brexit ministry, the evaluation system will be “digital, streamlined and user-friendly”.
According to the draft of the UK government’s end-June report, to which the new package of proposals will be further extended, EU foreign nationals who are living in Great Britain for at least five years in a deadline to be determined will be able to apply for a resident status and receive the same privileges and then get them into health care, education, social benefits and retirement as British citizens.
According to a draft published in June, the deadline can not be earlier than March 29, 2017, when Prime Minister Theresa May announced the activation of Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon, officially launching a two-year process leading to the termination of the British EU membership, later on the expected date of Brexit, that is, March 29, 2019.

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