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British Government: Trump Invitation Continues, Mayor of London Does not Believe Trump Will Not Come United Kingdom 

British Government: Trump Invitation Continues, Mayor of London Does not Believe Trump Will Not Come

 (MTI) – The British government says it is still the invitation of US President Donald Trump in London. The Mayor of London, however, was pleased to note that Trump had canceled his visit to February.

    Downing Street spokesman responded on Friday afternoon’s announcement that Trump had recently announced in Twitter a message: he did not attend the February inauguration of the United States New London Embassy.
    Trump justified – officially never even reported – the resignation of his visit to London in February that the former US government led by Barack Obama had sold the present Embassy building on the downtown Grosvenor Square for “dumplings” and now he would have to charge 1.2 for $ billions of new diplomatic missions.
    The construction of the new US embassy was still in fact presided by Obama’s predecessor George W. Bush.
    Theresa May’s British Prime Minister’s London office spokesman announced in Friday’s statement that the invitation from the US president to visit London was handed over by the British government and accepted by the US party, so the invitation is valid. He added, however, that the date of Trump’s visit had not yet been nominated.
    According to Downing Street spokesman, the United States is one of the oldest and most respected allies of Britain, the strong, deep partnerships between the two countries are maintained.
    However, the statement by the Prime Minister’s Office does not refer to the Trump visit scheduled for February, but to a visit to the United States, just one year after the office took office, just a week. Trump officially attended this visit II. As Queen Elizabeth came to London, but for the time being this visit is not on the agenda, there are no news for the preparations.
    Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, said in a Friday statement: Donald Trump “seems to have finally understood the message of so many Londoners” who love America and the Americans, but who say that Trump’s policies and actions are exactly opposed to acceptance, diversity, tolerance-based London value system.
    Khan says “there is no doubt” that Trump’s visit to London in February would be accompanied by peaceful, but mass protests. The mayor of London added, all of these confirming the mistakes Theresa May had to call a “rush” for a state visit to the American president.
    Sadiq Khan has repeatedly called for Trump’s call for public visits to be withdrawn, most recently at the end of last year, after the US president shared a video of allegedly atrocities committed by Muslims of an extremely Muslim anti-Muslim organization – unbiased in reality.

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