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British Parliamentary Committee: It is unclear how border control can be avoided between Ireland and Northern Ireland        Brexit 

British Parliamentary Committee: It is unclear how border control can be avoided between Ireland and Northern Ireland     

According to the competent committee of the Lower House in London, it is difficult to imagine how to stop physical border controls between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland after the UK membership of the EU.

Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney told BBC Radio on Friday but said on Friday that Dublin would seek solutions from London on the upcoming EU summit in two weeks to avoid re-emergence of the border.
In a study by the Brexit Committee of the British House of Deputies on Friday, the United Kingdom underscores the need for traffic to flow over customs across two or more crossings at the border of Ireland and Northern Ireland.
The report recalls that British Prime Minister Theresa May stated in his speech in Florence for a few weeks, after describing the post-Brex government plans, a few weeks ago: the European Union and the United Kingdom have firmly stated that they will not accept the restoration of any physical border control infrastructure at the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland .
However, since the British government wants to move beyond the EU’s unified internal market and customs union, “it is not clear yet, how can this be avoided, as Ireland and Northern Ireland will be the borders of the European Union’s customs”, is the Friday report.
The study quotes Michael Lux as a customs and commercial law expert, former Director of the Customs Commission of the European Commission, who said at a previous Commission hearing that if the United Kingdom does not want any country to remain in the EU customs union, EU and London, but all of these arrangements, whether it is a free trade agreement, would legally require customs controls at the border of Ireland and Northern Ireland.


Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney, Deputy Prime Minister in his BBC Radio’s Friday statement, said on the same question, saying that the Irish government would like to see a textual proposal adopted on the 14th of December, “on the parameters” within which a solution could be found to find the border to appear again.
Coveney made a clear reference to Ireland’s failure to contribute to the next phase of the Brexit negotiations, saying it would “jump into the dark,” and this can not be expected from Dublin.
The European Union’s mid-December summit should decide whether a series of negotiations on the process of extinction of the British EU membership could go beyond the current first phase of the exit conditionality into the second phase, the main item of which will be the establishment of a United Kingdom-EU relations system after the Brexit period.
Dublin has a serious say in this decision as one of the conditions for moving forward is to make substantive progress towards the EU summit in controlling the nearly 500 kilometers of land borders between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
There are currently no customs and passport controls at this border.

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