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Trump is sharing anti-Muslim videos of the British radical organization Trump on Twitter         United Kingdom United States Of America 

Trump is sharing anti-Muslim videos of the British radical organization Trump on Twitter      

The anti-Muslim videos of a radical British organization were shared by US President Donald Trump on Wednesday at the Twitter message portal. The case was seriously outraged in Britain, Downing Street spokesman also made a critical statement, but he also made a direct reference to not saying Trump’s invitation to visit the state.

On Trump’s Twitter page, three videos of Britain First, a radical anti-EU anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim group, appeared.
According to the attached description, one of the recordings of the three – Wednesday British media reports, unconfirmed in reality, appears as a Muslim attacks a young Dutch man with a crutch. On another video, a man – according to the title – is also a Muslim – sculpts a statue of Mary, and the third video depicts that a group of “Muslim mobs” throws a teenage boy down from a rooftop, .
The videos were originally uploaded to Twitter by United Kingdom First Deputy Director, Jayda Fransen in 2011, and then posted to the US president’s Twitter page, which has more than 43 million followers. The 31-year-old Fransent was detained in London the other day and was charged with charges at the address that he used shortly before, in terms of speaking in Belfast, insulting and insulting minorities.


Theresa May’s Prime Minister’s Office on Wednesday night complained about the re-publishing of videos. According to a spokesman for Downing Street, Britain First seeks out sharing British communities with hateful, lying and stressful wording, causing anxiety among law-abiding people.
May’s spokesman said the overwhelming majority of the British people “reject the prejudicial rhetoric of the far right, which is just the opposite of all the values – of honesty, tolerance and respect that this country represents.”
According to a spokeswoman for the London office of government, this is “incorrect what the (American) President has done”.
However, the question that the development could affect Donald Trump’s public invitation to visit Britain was downplayed by Downing Street, saying that the United States was one of Britain’s oldest and closest allies, the invitation to visit the state was received by the American President and accepted.


The invitation was given by Theresa May II. On behalf of Queen Elizabeth in his January visit to Washington, just seven days after Trump was admitted.
Foreign Heads of State invited to visit Britain will be officially hosted by the ruler’s guests and at a queen’s residency at Buckingham Palace in London or at Windsor Castle.
The UK’s largest advocacy organization, the British Muslim Council, on Wednesday urged the British government to distance itself from what happened.
The spokesman for the organization said it was the clearest manifestation of the US president’s “support for the far-right and its anti-Muslim propaganda”.
“We hope the Prime Minister (British) and the Interior Minister will move away from Trumpton and his commentaries and confirm that the (British) government is disputing all forms of extremism,” said the British Muslim Council spokesman.

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