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In Brussels, this week’s turnaround negotiations are not expected to make any significant progress either      Brexit 

In Brussels, this week’s turnaround negotiations are not expected to make any significant progress either   

Experts are not expecting any significant progress on the sixth round of negotiations on the conditions for leaving the United Kingdom on the EU, which began on Thursday in Brussels.

According to press reports, the European Commission’s Brexit chief negotiator Michel Barnier told the heads of the Brussels body that no major progress was expected this week – the Northern Ireland border control, the settlement of financial obligations and the rights of citizens.
On Thursday, the committee published a document detailing the events of the following weeks and months, which revealed that there was no agreement between the parties on the date of the next round of negotiations, and the time was not yet reached, as the leaders of the remaining twenty-seven Member States At their 14-15 th summit, whether they have made enough progress to move on to the second negotiation stage.
The Politico news agency in Brussels has stressed that there is nothing to guarantee that the “twentieth” will approve the commencement of negotiations on future relations, but the representatives of the remaining countries will continue to “prepare for EU-UK trade negotiations” as soon as possible.
According to insider sources, the European Union expects, above all, detailed proposals from London on how to meet the remaining financial obligations after the withdrawal, but in the absence of this, it seems that there is no way to go any further.
“We are out of time, and the time for questions to be clarified is fast approaching,” warned Barnier on Thursday.
Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon states that EU membership will expire two years after the date of the entry into force of the exit contract and, in the absence thereof, the date of departure, that is, in this case, on 29 March 2019, but discontinuance negotiations may be extended by consensus decision by the Member States.
The European Commission wanted to conclude the negotiations by November 2018 at the latest to have enough time to ratify the Convention by March 2019 and the European Parliament.

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