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Burger without meat: crazy spring delicacy Gastronomy 

Burger without meat: crazy spring delicacy

Spring comes very slowly, and we can also heat the garden grill. But if we had a little more on the terrace, prepare this delicious flavor in the kitchen: cheeseburger burger with baked zucchini.

Ingredients for 4 pieces:

20 dkg milled millet

1 red pepper paprika

10 dkg mushrooms

2 rows of carrots

4 threads of green onions

3 eq. olive oil

1 egg

3-4 threads of fine-cut oregano

4-core buns

4 slice cheese

2 tomatoes

For fried zucchini:

50 dkg zucchini

2 eq. olive oil


Sprinkle the millet with twice as much water and a little salt. When it is boiled, covered and thrown away, as it vaporises in the steam. For the burger, the vegetables are cleaned and chopped.

Cooked millet is drained and crushed. Sprinkle the crushed vegetables on the crushed olive oil in 4-5 minutes, sprinkle with broccoli and sprinkle with the sliced oregano and remove from the heat. Mix it with the ground coffee, season with egg, salt and pepper, and relax for 1-2 hours or even overnight.

When used, mix thoroughly and add 4 solid, well-compressed cakes and oil with oil. We place an aluminum foil or a trayshell on the grille and fry the cakes.

We wash the zucchini, cut them down, cut them into pieces, and fry them next to the cakes. When the zucchini is roasted, we combine it with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Grate the magical buns and fry them on the grill. On the roasted bun we put 1-1 hot vegetable pies, sliced cheese to melt. Let’s sprinkle the skimmed tomatoes and put the buns back. Serve with baked courgettes. We can also offer fresh green salad and purple onions.

Source: Photo: WeLoveBudapest

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