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Cambridge Analytica – Housing research started at the London office United Kingdom 

Cambridge Analytica – Housing research started at the London office

Housing research began on Friday night in London’s center of Cambridge Analytica, a British-American political analyst and consultant.

The search warrant was issued by the London Supreme Court at the request of British Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham.
According to British and American press reports, Cambridge Analytica has been trying to figure out the tens of millions of Facebook users processing the information about the political ambition of US voters, and has been trying to influence them in the 2016 US presidential campaign with personalized messages, without them knowing.
According to some British press reports, the company also attempted to influence the referendum that ended in 2016 on the British EU membership, with a narrow victory in the exit.
Elizabeth Denham, an information commissioner, said that her office, which is responsible for supervising the lawfulness of data usage, wants to find out whether Cambridge Analytica has collected personal information about the Facebook community without authorization.
Cambridge Analytica Chief Executive Officer Alexander Tayler, at the time of the search for a home, said in a statement that the company had been in contact with the information commissioner’s office since February last year and cooperated with the investigating authorities.
According to Tayler, the company’s own internal investigation has already shown in 2015 that the data collected on Facebook has been completely deleted, but Cambridge Analytica now wants to verify whether data deletion was indeed complete by including independent external test firms.
According to a recent briefing by The New York Times and the British newspaper The Guardian at the same time, Cambridge Analytica has collected and processed data from 50 million Facebook pages.
According to the pages, the company organized a quiz game on Facebook in 2014 with the aim of giving participants an analysis of their typical personality traits. In the game, 270,000 Facebook profile owners participated and accessed their Facebook affiliate network by accessing the data of the 50 million, mostly Facebook profile owners of the Facebook profile, without knowing them and without their consent.
Among the founders and investors of Cambridge Analytica is Steve Bannon, US President of Donald Trump, who was for a time the vice president of the company and Robert Mercer, a billionaire, one of the major financial supporters of the Republicans.
The investigative media activity investigating the case involved the Channel 4 channel, which operates on a commercial basis, but also serves as a public television channel. The company recruited a covert camera reporter from a businessman in Sri Lanka, as CEO Alexander Nix, who has been suspended from Cambridge Analytica since then, tells you what your company can discard political rivals.
Methods outlined by Nix included the organization of flyers with prostitutes, and the creation and fixing of situations with hidden cameras where it appears as if the targeted target was bribing money.
The Board of Directors of Cambridge Analytica announced early in the week that it immediately suspended the company’s CEO for a complete independent investigation of the case.
President Damian Collins, chairman of the Digital House of Culture, Media and Sports Department of London, asked this week to send Mark Zuckerberg, the founding CEO of Facebook, to appear before the committee.

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