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German Chancellor: To work closely with the Eastern European EU member states European Union 

German Chancellor: To work closely with the Eastern European EU member states

For a working European Union (EU), close co-operation with the Eastern European Member States is needed, “said Olaf Scholz, German Vice-Chancellor, Finance Minister, German President of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) in a Sunday interviews.

In an interview with the Frankfurter Allegemeine Sonntagszeitung (FAS), on the question of whether his predecessor Martin Schulz wanted to build up the European united states afterwards, he explained that he was in the party of those who said that the solution of the specific problems should be solved addressed. He noted that the “Europe Skepticism”, which is seen in many places, may not be attributed to the fact that the EU is considered to be too powerful, but rather to “not seem to be able to act where it should act”.

This is a “helplessness on migration issue in 2015” and the finding of good answers was also a long time in the eurozone financial crisis. This must be changed so that “everyone can immediately recognize why Europe is relevant to her life,” regardless of whether it is a West German metropolis or a village in southern Germany.

“Of course, there, too,” he said to the question whether this should be achieved in Hungary, where, according to FAS, “European skeptics” Viktor Orbán won a big election victory. He added that “a viable Europe needs close cooperation with the Eastern European Member States”, it must be ensured that these “young democracies” find their place in the community.

It must be felt that Poland, the Baltic States and other countries in the region can rely on the EU, including on security issues. “This is a prerequisite for insisting on the absolute adherence to the rule of law,” said the SPD’s acting president.

Similarly, another senior Social Democratic politician, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, who stressed in an interview published in the issue of the magazine Der Spiegel on the weekend: it is decisive if we succeed in keeping our “Eastern European neighbors in the EU” as if it were a “two-class Europe”, in which some are lagging behind and have no role “otherwise we help anti-European voices in these countries and make them more susceptible to sharing experiments.”

He added: “Only then can we seriously talk to the East Europe about the changes if we feel that we want to keep them in the EU”. It should be made clear that “we want you, we need you,” said the German Foreign Minister.

“In my Warsaw debut visit, I have said that I do not want to debate whether payments from the EU budget will be made dependent on the rule of law in the future,” Heiko Mass said.

He responded with no question as to whether this was a threat. As he said, it should be made clear that there are no “things that are fundamentally contrary to European values”.

Source: MTI Photo: News Today

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