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Customized Custom Cars Customized on the Gene Chart for BMW (British for the Date)       Interesting Facts Tech United Kingdom Travel 

Customized Custom Cars Customized on the Gene Chart for BMW (British for the Date)    

The customer’s gene map promises a customized car on Sunday’s British advertising press campaign by the German BMW car factory – at least for British buyers who have forgotten to glimpse the calendar.

According to semi-sided ads, BMW’s latest invention is the DNA Configurator – a design mechanism based on the DNA sample of the buyer’s candidate, which compares the car most suited to the customer’s individual capabilities.
All you need to do is get the stylized DNA molecule shown in the lower left corner of the ad, and pass the saliva to the BMW’s closest genetic engineering center (BMW Genetic Engineering Center).
Experts from the panel develop a car configuration based on the DNA pattern taken from the sample, adjusting everything from the smallest details of the interior to the gearbox gears that adapt to the biologically determined driving style of the buyer’s candidate, to the capabilities of the future owner.
BMW has already offered special, “developed” models only for this day, already on April 1st.
For example, in 2013, the company informed British news readers that Prince William was the future vanguard of the British throne and then he was the first – now third child – to be pregnant with the arrival of his firstborn, Princess Katalin, by P.R.A.M. branded two- or four-wheel-drive prams with a limited edition on the British market.
P.R.A.M. (“pram” in English: stroller) Postnatal Royal Auto Mobile was a royal self-propelled vehicle after the birth of the newborn world. The pink princess (Princess Pink) or the royal blue (Royal Blue) version of the doll is naturally air-conditioned and has standard pull-out flagpoles.
The luxury prams are N.A.P.P.I.E. (the “nappy” in English: diaper) was installed by the manufacturer. This is the Nanny-Assisting Petrol-Powered Injection Engine, a nonsense fuel-powered fuel injection engine.
In a previous April 1 announcement, the Bavarian automaker informed British buyers that they are planning to sell vehicles with speech-based windscreens in Britain, enabling versatile communication with the outside world. The chauffeur (date forgettable) would just have to (have) had to say aloud what other participants in the traffic would want to know or think of, and to say that the microparticles embedded in the windshield would be printed on the glass surface immediately in a lightly legible manner.

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