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The Coen brothers turned to an anthology series instead of western film Movie 

The Coen brothers turned to an anthology series instead of western film

Although it started six series of anthologies, the Oscar-winning Coen brothers finally shot a new western film at Netflix.

The 132-minute production has preserved so much from the original design that it is built up in anthology-like structure, chapters. The movie The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (Buster Scruggs ballad) debuts at the Venetian film festival at the end of August – reported.
“We love the anthology films, especially those that were made in Italy in the sixties and were filmed by different directors on the same subject, when we wrote an anthology of Western history, we experimented with it and hoped to win the best directors. to participate, “the Coen brothers said in their announcement.
The main character is played by Tim Blake Nelson, but Zoe Kazan, Liam Neeson and Tom Waits also play in the film, whose episodes have not been released by the creators. The filmmaker Bruno Delbonell shot Ari with Alexa, so Buster Scruggs became Coenek’s first digital movie.
The production is being broadcast by Netflix at the end of the year, but will also be screened in cinemas to participate in the Oscars. The Coenek have worked with their usual art collectors, designer Jess Gonchor, costume designer Mary Zophres, and composer Carter Burwell, both former Oscar nominees.
In Venice, the Golden Lion Award with the new works of renowned directors, co-stars New Coe’s Western, like Alfonso Cuarón’s biography of Rome, Paul Greengrass, July 22, 2011, or a novel by Nemes Jeles László Napszállta, early 20th century, terrorist massacre in Norway playing costume film.
Both Coents have been nominated for 14 Oscars. In 1996, they received Oscart scriptwriters for Fargo, and in 2007 they won the Best Film, Director and Adapted Screenplay from the American Academy of Film for their Non-Old Country movie.
The 75th Venice International Film Festival will be held from August 29th to September 8th.

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