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Together with her baby a Turkish teacher was imprisoned Big World 

Together with her baby a Turkish teacher was imprisoned

The Turkish authorities have shown an example of gastropods about illiberal democracy: they charged a teacher with an infant at the expense of terrorist propaganda. The woman and her child have to be imprisoned for a TV show two years ago, a word about peace in the program in connection with the Kurdish conflict in the southeastern part of the country.

Citing a critical Birgün paper with the Turkish government, MTI writes that a teacher from a Kurdish diyarbakir, originally from south-eastern Turkey, was transported to the city jail with his child.

She phoned a popular TV show in January 2016, and immediately put the word on the Kurdish conflict, which she claims hardly gets media coverage in the West. This was when the Turkish army carried out a large-scale operation against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), an armed uprising of terrorism since 1984.

Last year, the teacher was sentenced to 15 months’ imprisonment for terrorism propaganda, but the postponement of the sentence was postponed due to the newborn infant. However, the court in the case dismissed the new postponement.

In her television program, the teacher emphasized, “Do not listen, do not let people die, do not let them die, do not let them die.”

After two and a half years of armistice in July, fighting between rebels and security forces was re-launched, and Ankara launched a comprehensive offensive against the PKK. Since then, at least 300 civilians, about 800 members of the security forces, and more than 10,000 rebels have died in the clashes. The 34-year-long conflict between the Turkish security forces and the PKK has claimed about 50,000 lives, MTI writes.

Index, MTI / Photo: Famagusta Gazette

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