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Czech government design – Babis wants to speed up government negotiation European Union 

Czech government design – Babis wants to speed up government negotiation

Andrej Babis, an executive Czech Prime Minister, wants the ANO Movement he is leading and the Czech Social Democratic Party (CSSD) to agree on the distribution of the new government’s ministries by the end of next week, perhaps even on the coalition government.

“We have agreed in the program of the Government Coalition, there is no point in further negotiations,” said Andrej Babis, in Sunday afternoon in Lanya, west of Prague, after informing Head of State Milos Zeman about the process of forming a government.

According to Babis, Zeman acknowledged that ANO has renewed its cabinet coalition negotiations with CSSD. A week after the CSSD ceased negotiations with ANO as a result of disputes over the distribution of ministerial posts, Babis suggested to Babis to negotiate with the Movement for Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD) and the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (MDP) (KSCM) new government. However, the leadership of ANO rejected the talks with the SPD considered extreme and decided to renew negotiations with the Social Democrats.

The meeting of the two parties will meet Monday night. Jan Hamácek, president of the CSSD, said he was listening to ANO’s proposal and decided on the basis of that. Next year, CSSD’s presidency will meet, which will address the issue.

“We would like to speed up the negotiations, and we need a preliminary agreement next Friday, and we are here to have a clear agreement on the new government as soon as possible”, Babis told reporters.
Andrej Babis told that the ministries of foreign affairs, as well as the ministry of labor and welfare, offered the ANO to the Social Democrats. Babis did not respond to the question of whether CSSD would be given custody of the home office.

Previous discussions of ANO and CSSD have just failed on this issue. The Social Democrats would like to obtain the Interior Ministry because they only see it ensured that the criminal case of Andrej Babis will be objectively investigated. The Chief Executive Officer is suspected of abusing EU funds and the Czech Police has launched proceedings against him. Babis dismisses the charges and speaks about political affair.

Czech parliamentary elections last October were won by the ANO movement. ANO, however, has only 78 mandates in the 200-seat parliamentary lower house, which alone can not form a government that would have confidence in parliament. Andrej Babis’s first government has fallen in January. The new conception of the government is that the ANO will come to a coalition with the Social Democrats with 15 mandates. The ruling coalition could gain confidence in parliament to support the communists from outside by voting.

Source: MTI Photo: Pannon RTV

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