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Csercseszov is satisfied, celebrating the Russian plates Sports 

Csercseszov is satisfied, celebrating the Russian plates

With the determination of the Russian national team, he proved to be a worthy host to the World Cup, “said Stanislav Chereshesov, the Russian federal captain of the TASZSZ news agency.

Russian media focused on a festive mood on Friday with the unluckily overwhelming victory of the home team in the opening match of the World Cup in Thursday’s 5-0 against the Saudi team.
“We can breathe, we have the first victory and are destroying,” he wrote in the Sport-Ekszpressz page, “Thank you guys, just so!” .
“It was a tough win, and yet unexpected, which makes it twice as pleasant as it is twice as cool to win. what’s the point: they worked, the coach worked and 5-0 is the best reward. the evaluation sounded.
In the Soviet Sport, “Who Balls With Us Balls Is Lost by Ball” is an award-winning title. Kommersant stressed that the Russian team, which had previously caused mistrust for itself, “discovered the football itself” and opened “fabulously” on the World Cup. According to Komsomolskaya Pravda, this victory was a great necessity for the team to “believe again in its power.”
Dmitry Peszkov, the spokesman of the Kremlin on Govorit Moscow Radio, tried to explain why Russian President Vladimir Putin rushed to the Saudi crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman for the first time in a row.
“They were merely emotional,” he told Peskkov. “For victory in sports, we do not want to apologize.”
TASS also quoted Adel Izzat, president of the Saudi Football Association, saying that a number of players from the Arab country – Abdullah al-Majuf goalkeeper, Mohammad al-Szahlavi striker and Oszama Havszavi defender – are disciplinary investigations due to failure at the Luzhniki Stadium.
“We are very disappointed with the defeat. The result is absolutely unsatisfactory, it does not reflect our level of preparation,” Izzat said in the Al-Jaum asz-Szabia publication.
According to Izzat, one of the main elements of the preparatory program was that the Saudi people could overcome their fears of strong troops.

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