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A pipe bomb was found at a venue for war memorial in Northern Ireland     United Kingdom 

A pipe bomb was found at a venue for war memorial in Northern Ireland  

A small, but functional explosive structure was found on Sunday by a police station in a Northern Ireland war memorial site. The authorities have broken up into republican groups in the background.

In the United Kingdom, Sunday commemorated all over the British soldiers who died in World War I and in the conflicts of decades ago.
Remembrance Sunday, the Sunday of remembrance, is always on the anniversary of the ceasefire that ends in the warfare of the First World War, the Sunday closest to November 11th.
A memorial was held in the city of Omagh in Northern Ireland, but the traditional march of veterans had to be postponed due to a security alert.
The Northern Ireland Police (PSNI) announced on Sunday evening that the reason for the alert was a small, but functional and “potentially dangerous” pipe bomb found along the planned route of the parade.
George Hamilton, PSNI chief commander, says the investigation is still at an early stage, but “one of the powerful investigative threads” still leads to active militant rift in Northern Ireland to Republican forces.
The veterans’ march was preserved on a modified route.
Omagh was the venue for the bloodiest assassination of the Northern Ireland conflict. The incriminating action was carried out in August 1998 by a fanatical British group, which has identified itself as a “real IRA” and whose members were largely confined to the former largest Catholic irrational militia in the Northern Ireland, the Irish Republican Army (IRA). The explosive device in the car killed 29 people, including nine children and a pregnant woman who was twin with a pregnant woman.
In the explosion, 220 people were injured.
Destruction also disrupted the group of dissidents: the organization announced shortly afterwards that it “apologizes” for the loss of human life and “suspends its operations until the further course of action is determined”.
“Real IRA” has not heard much about it since; after the Omagh bombing, the IRA itself demanded a statement.
Since then, the IRA has abandoned the armed actions, dismantled its armament and virtually ceased its activity as one of the decisive moments in the Northern Ireland settlement process.

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