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Diabetic? So you can ease your weight loss! Useful 

Diabetic? So you can ease your weight loss!

Risk factors and consequences of diabetes may also be overweight, from which the patient should try to get rid of the blood sugar levels. However, you may have an obstruction because there are some antidiabetic drugs that increase your body weight.

But what can all help to show the balance less, dr. From Porochnavecz Marietta, the Diabetologist at the Diabetes Center.

Weight loss metformin

There are several types of diabetes treatment that can be life-style therapy alone or supplemented with medication and / or insulin therapy. Although there are plenty of different mode of action, there are some drugs that contribute to weight loss. For example, metformin drugs, which belong to the insulin effect enhancers group, are now one of the most widely used antidiabetic agents. Their positive side, in addition to contributing to the normalization of blood glucose (as they reduce liver glucose release and increase insulin activity), have an appetite suppressor effect, which is a great help for diabetics.

It can help with weight loss in inkretin-based therapy

In addition, there are so-called. inkretin-based therapies, which can also be helpful in helping people lose weight. Incretines are essentially substances that are produced after meals and help to release insulin. As they promptly cause long-lasting full-bodiedness and slow down stomach erosion, they reduce appetite and promote weight loss.

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