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The Mediterranean Diet can also help prevent depression Gastronomy Useful 

The Mediterranean Diet can also help prevent depression

The Mediterranean diet can also help prevent depression, according to a new study reported by the BBC’s news portal.

The authors of the study published in the current issue of Molecular Psychiatry have analyzed 41 studies of the last eight years.
Fruits, vegetables, cereals, including whole wheat bread, pears, brown rice, oilseeds, olive oil and a few fish, meat and dairy products, also affect the state of the mood on the basis of the results of the analysis.
The University College London research team was led by Camille Lasalle, who said that evidence to date suggests that foods that reduce the risk of depression may be low, although there is currently insufficient clinical test results to justify this.
The relationship between food and mood is difficult to explain because many other factors can play a role in this. Depression may cause appetite loss, among others, and who is very bad at all, does not care about it properly.
A happy person is more likely to live healthier, including less alcohol, which is known to depression. It is possible that eating unhealthy – overcooked, heavily processed foods – increases the risk of depression, so it is important that these foods are avoided in the diet.
According to experts, without the strictly controlled clinical tests, it is unclear how much the Mediterranean diet may have on depression.
“The widely accepted view is that there is a close relationship between what we eat and how we feel, the blood sugar level, for example, affects our minds and energies, but if one experiences depression or anxiety, it is difficult to pay attention to health, “said Stephen Buckley, an associate of mental health care at Mind.” It’s a good idea, “he said.
Traditional Mediterranean diet researchers have shown that this diet may reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol, which may lead to cardiovascular disorders.
It has also been stated that those who are seriously observing the diet are still alive and are unlikely to be overweight.

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