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A British TV channel is about to publish a “video confessions” by Princess Diana British Royal Family United Kingdom 

A British TV channel is about to publish a “video confessions” by Princess Diana

Diana’s “video confessions” are about to launch Channel 4 British television on the upcoming 20th anniversary of the death of the late Welsh princess. However, the decision is criticized by many, including the brother of the former royal crown prince.

Count Spencer, according to British press reports on Sunday, called on the channel not to sell a documentary based on the 1992-1993 recordings, as it would cause Karoly and Diana two sons Prince William and Prince Harry to suffer. On the recordings, the late Princess shares intimate details about the ruined riot and sex life, criticizing the ruler.
She does not listen to Bulimi as she says, she felt she did not meet the expectations of the royal family, so she turned against her. She also speaks of considering she is escaping with one of her bodyguards. With reference to the relationship between her husband and Camilla Parker-Bowles, she asks why the current Princess Kamilla Cornwalli is always around them, and Charles replies that he does not want to be the only Prince of Wales who has never held a lover.

Diana’s brother believes the 90-minute documentary, scheduled to be released on August 6, violates the princess’s memory and private sphere.
The recordings were made in one of the most difficult times of the princess’s life and were clearly not intended for the public. The 12 videos were recorded by Diana’s speech teacher Peter Settelen. Some of them were found in the maid of the princess along with other objects stolen from Diana by a house search, but they still do not know about their whereabouts.

The seven conversations that made Channel 4 Diana’s In Her Own Words (Diana’s own words) have never been seen on British television. BBC’s public service media company bought them for £ 30,000 for ten years, but he did not, however, reveal the royal family’s anger. In the United States, however, he was seen in 2004, but he also made fierce criticisms of the death of a deceased person.
Channel 4 has not yet taken off to show the movie. The channel says that although the videos are not for the public, the lyrics they make are in the public domain. They claim that everything has been carefully considered and the recordings have provided a unique insight into Diana’s preparations to find her own voice in her public view of her reading.

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