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He was receiving a banquet with Trump Macront in Washington European Union United States Of America 

He was receiving a banquet with Trump Macront in Washington

The French President, Emmanuel Macron, arrived in Washington, whose honor was President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump in the Mount Vernon, a former mansion of George Washington, near the US capital.

Emmanuel Macron and his wife were welcomed by the American President and his wife in the White House’s garden, a traditional military ceremony, which dates back to the 17th century. Nearly five hundred members of the United States, including all the armed forces, took part in the ceremony.

After a spectacular welcome, the two presidents planted a tree plant in the White House garden. The oak tree was brought by Macron, a head of state, from France, where he lost his life in one of the battles of the First World War in June 1918, more than nine hundred American Marines.

The banquet ceremony was given by the American Presidential couple, located 25 miles from Washington, Virginia, a former mansion serving as the museum of George Washington, Virginia, Mount Vernon, Virginia. Analysts evaluated the scene as a gesture: George Washington was the leader and hero of the US War of Independence, and thanks to his alliance with the French, he was victorious of the independence struggle against the British.

At the dinner party – breaking with traditions – this time less than usual, about 150 guests were invited and no invitation was given to the only leading Democratic party member of Congress and any journalist. As a Democratic party politician, John Bel Edwards, Louisiana governor, was present at the elegant event.

The event – arranged by Melania Trump and decorated with 3500 threads of flowers on request – was not a pop star by the previous President Barack Obama, but by the Washington Opera House.

Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump will begin talks in the White House on Tuesday, focusing on the US defense pipeline of aluminum and steel products affecting the Iranian atomic war, the Syrian situation, European countries, including France, and the Paris Climate Convention. The President of the French Republic is speaking on Wednesday before the two houses of the congress.

MTI / Photo: IBTimes UK

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