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Donald Trump invited the Minister of Commerce to review the national security risks of car imports Finance United States Of America 

Donald Trump invited the Minister of Commerce to review the national security risks of car imports

US President Donald Trump urged Minister of Commerce Wilbur Ross Wednesday to review whether car and car import imports are not a national security risk.

In addition to cars, the chairman examines potential hazards of trucks, minibuses and their components. According to the Ministry of Commerce, Wednesday’s announcement, the purpose of the investigation is to determine whether large car imports have ruined domestic automobile production and did not weaken national security. It also examines the extent to which the decline in the production of domestic car and car parts has reduced innovation and the use of new technologies.

“Evidence suggests that goods imported from abroad for decades have undermined our domestic automotive industry,” said Wilbur Ross, in a statement Wednesday evening. The headmaster promised a thorough, fair and transparent investigation.

Referring to the government and automotive sources not mentioned in the Wednesday afternoon internet issue of The Wall Street Journal, the US government has been considering the introduction of new defense patents for national security reasons. “President Donald Trump has already applied a law on the introduction of steel and aluminum dues, and now he is planning to impose an investigation of imported vehicles with the aim of imposing protective margins,” he said, referring to leading automotive officers.

Donald Trump himself has posted a Twitter entry on Wednesday that has already referred to the expected investigation. “We will soon receive great news from our amazing carmakers, who have just been waiting for it after decades of losses when other countries have lost their job losses”, he wrote in the microblogging post.
The president has, however, plagued several times that, in defending the American automotive industry, he might impose safeguards on imported vehicles. These can affect German, Japanese and South Korean cars, but not just personal cars, but also vans and jeeps.

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