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Donald Trump: The DACA Program to Protect Young Illegal Immigrants “Probably Dead” United States Of America 

Donald Trump: The DACA Program to Protect Young Illegal Immigrants “Probably Dead”

US President Donald Trump says the DACA program to protect young illegal immigrants is “probably dead”.

The chairman said in a Twitter post on Sunday that he would not agree on the DACA program for young people, because “Democrats do not really want to just negotiate and take away the incredibly needed money from our soldiers”.
Trump said: “As President, I want people to come to our country who will help us to be strong again and be great and who will arrive on a merit-based system.” There is no longer a water lily, America is the first! ”
The president and the congress are trying to agree on a comprehensive immigration reform and to organize the fate of the young immigrants involved in the DACA program. The DACA program (fully-named: Delayed Procedure for Pupils) was called by President Barack Obama in the Presidential Decree in 2015. Its purpose was to protect young people – called the generation of dreamers in the United States – who were brought into the country by their illegally immigrant parents as children and raised in the United States. A program of about 800,000 young people, which is regularly renewed, protects against repatriation and allows learning or employment. Trump temporarily prolonged the program, but stated that it would eliminate the congress until March by completing the comprehensive immigration reform.

Last year the President announced that he would abolish DACA in March 2018. They only agree to settle the situation of the DACA youths and accept comprehensive immigration reform only if the draft bill includes the cost of building a wall planned for the US-Mexican border, eliminating the visa liberalization and the abolition of so-called cross-migration programs. This week, White House had intensified talks between Trump and Democrat and Republican lawmakers on immigration. At this meeting, Trump argued, and – argued by the President – of the “tricky countries”.

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