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Donald Trump’s economy threatens Turkey by attacking Kurds in Syria Big World United States Of America 

Donald Trump’s economy threatens Turkey by attacking Kurds in Syria

Donald Trump’s US economy was destroying Turkey in a Twitter post on Sunday night, when the Turkish army attacked Kurds in Syria during the withdrawal of American soldiers.

At the same time, the President warned the Kurds to “not provoke Turkey”.
In the microblogging entry, Donald Trump wrote: “Russia, Iran and Syria were the biggest beneficiaries of the US long-term policy of eradicating the Syrian forces of the natural enemy, the Islamic State, a jihadist organization. now is the time to bring our soldiers home. Let’s end the never ending wars. ”
In a subsequent Twitter post, the President noted that, while the American soldiers had been withdrawn for a long time, they would be fighting against the Islamic State, attacking terrorist forces in several directions.
Following the announcement of a gradual withdrawal of US troops in December, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened to launch a military attack on Kurdish militiamen fighting in the northern part of Syria, with American-led coalition forces.
Earlier this week, John Bolton’s US National Security Adviser negotiated in Jerusalem and said that Turkey wants to attack the Syrian Kurds. Ankara was angered by the statement, and Erdogan declared Bolton’s words as the “lowest, most precious, and ugliest” slander.
In a Friday radio interview, Bolton demanded that Ankara commit himself to the security of the Kurdish allies in Washington.

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